Last week we spent a busy few days on the boat finishing painting, tiling, converting the lights to 12V, ripping things out and putting things up. It’s slowly getting there and we can’t wait to move on permanently in a few weeks!

We also took her out for her first spin with us! A lovely fellow called Bernard from the Monmouth & Brecon canal volunteer trust came down to give us a hand, taking her an hour up and down the canal with us. He was brilliant and gave us so many stories and tips! Gladly he also didn’t freak out when I bumped the side of the canal, oops. Steering a tiller is super easy, but can also be super confusing as left = right and right = left. If you forget yourself for a moment or start chatting, it’s so easy to mix them up!

Luckily he was there to reverse the boat back into the marina, which was such a tight turn… we’ll only have to take it out forwards when we get the boat craned, which I have to say I’m glad about!

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