So we’re currently sorting through all our stuff and trying to get rid of 80-90% of it before moving onto boaty… I used to be a bit of a hoarder but more recently have been trying to live a more minimalist life (apart from shoes of course). Everything’s gone to eBay, gumtree, freecycle and charity shops and it’s nice to feel a bit lighter!

The narrowboat is tiiiiny so we’re having to decide what we really really need and what can go. It’s also been a mission trying to find furniture which will fit! We bought a Habitat sofa as a second on eBay, so got a really good deal on it – it’s nice and compact so won’t take up too much space.

We’re also putting up Ikea shelves and rails in the kitchen to store pots and pans out of the way and found a lovely old trunk on eBay for storing all my Etsy stock and printer – it can also double as an extra seat with a cushion on top. Our dining table and chairs are also from Habitat and are folding, so they can be stored away when not in use.

There are quite a few jobs due to be done at the moment, some of which we need to call in the experts for (hull blacking, electrics, plumbing etc.) but we’re heading there next week to finish the painting and get on with a few projects and small jobs.

From about May/June we’ll be living on the boat permanently so I’ll be blogging much more about us two noobs sailing around and what we get up to…

Habitat Momo Sofa


Habitat Airo Table & Macadam Chair

    Ikea Grundtal Range


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